Benefits of Hybrid Cars

There are numerous direct and indirect benefits of hybrid cars. The main advantage of the hybrid car is that it will reduce the overall cost of running a car while keeping the atmosphere clean and healthy for all of us.

Rising oil prices have given rise to more fuel efficient hybrid cars as a viable solution to an impending crisis. Many automobile manufacturers have taken an initiative by launching fuel efficient hybrid cars that are also more environment friendly.

Since the invention of the automobile, auto makers have been devising better vehicles to both save fuel while increasing their efficiency. The majority of the cars today run on gasoline while some cars and heavy vehicles run on diesel. The rising cost of fuel combined with the increased awareness of environmental pollution are the driving forces behind hybid cars.

Some have suggested the electric car could be an answer to those concerns. In an electric car, batteries supply electricity to an electric motor, which in turn runs the car. However, the electric cars have some limitations. They do not offer speed and are not good for long drives because they would require recharging after 80-100 miles. In the end, hybrid cars are far better than the electric cars.

The most obvious advantage of hybrid cars is that it's fuel efficient and provides better fuel economy. Hybrid cars are fuel efficient and have cheaper running cost when compared to gasoline run cars. For example, you can drive about 20 to 30 more miles per gallon than a regular gasoline car. This results in extra savings on your monthly gasoline bills and a reduction in the flow of U.S. dollars to the Middle East for oil.

A hybrid car runs on gasoline and an electric motor.

Hybrid cars offer an ingenious way of overcoming the problems associated with conventional gasoline powered cars. Hybrid cars offer fuel economy because the engine of a hybrid car is a combination of a regular gasoline run engine and an electric motor. It makes use of the best features of the two and gives the hybrid cars a definite edge over normal gasoline run automobiles.

Hybrid cars have a dual mode with both a gasoline engine and an electric motor powered by batteries to take over once the car is in motion. The energy generated from braking and deceleration is used to charge the batteries. Additionally, the engine of hybrid cars is shut immediately when the car is stopped. This fuel efficient combination saves on fuel cost because they consume less fuel as compared to non hybrid automobiles.

In addition to the benefits already discussed, hybrid cars are environmental friendly because of the reduced emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. Hybrid cars may be the answer to the problems of global warming, climatic changes, and rising fuel prices.

We are consuming fossil fuels at such a rate that soon we could be in a position where we will run out of our energy resources. The biggest consumer of oil is the conventional gasoline powered automobile. The internal combustion engine of the conventional car is not energy efficient and can rightly be called an oil guzzler. The excessive fuel consumption not only hits the wallet of the user but also disturbs the ecological balance by emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The common solution for both the energy consumption and atmospheric pollution problems is a hybrid car. The hybrid car is more fuel efficient reducing both the overall cost of fuel and reducing the amount pollution in the atmosphere.

Hybrid cars are the fuel efficient vehicle for the future and thereby the experts foresee a bright future of hybrid cars in 2008 and beyond.