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We’ve all heard it before. In order to be healthy, we must eat our fruits and vegetables and get physical exercise everyday. It's become the mantra of fitness buffs everywhere, and is touted so often that many of us have become deaf to the words. However, no matter how much you might hear the fitness/nutrition partnership preached you would be wise to heed the words of these gurus and even try to follow some of their instruction.

The truth is that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand for a healthier lifestyle as well as a better quality of life overall. And while it may seem silly to worry about the long term effects of poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles while we are young, by the time middle age hits we will begin to concern ourselves with things like risk factors and cholesterol numbers. It is best by far to start early with fitness and nutrition and leave the fretting about unhealthy choices to someone else.

Get Moving

The first part of the fitness/nutrition combination consists of daily physical movement. This can be in the form of walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. It can also mean using a piece of cardiovascular equipment at the local fitness center or indulging in a regular game of racquetball.

The gym is one of the most common places to exercise and stay fit. After all, this is where all the exercise equipment – treadmills, weights, lifting equipment – can be found. But it takes too much time going to the gym every day or every other day. It’s inconvenient. Plus, you have to make these monthly membership payments just so you could keep coming.

But, what if you could dispense with all that? What if you bought your own equipment and exercised at home?

Aerobic exercise like this should be done at least five times each week for 30 minutes at a time to ensure a healthy cardiovascular system and weight maintenance program. You can up the benefits of your cardio workout by adding strength training two or three times each week. This can be through the use of a few free weights in your basement, or with the help of machines at the gym. It is best to begin with a personal trainer to ensure that your positioning is correct during your weight lifting exercises. This will help you to avoid injury in the early phase of your program. Raise your weight amounts gradually, and never do strength training on back-to-back days.

Get the Slim and Sexy Body you Have Always Dreamed of
Winsor Pilates can help anybody wishing to have a slimmer and more sexy body. This program has been designed to tone as well as sculpt the entire body and also aids in losing weight. Winsor Pilates is a program that only takes twenty minutes a day and is a proven technique that helps to firm up, strengthen as well as tone the muscles and results in a sleek and better sculpted body. There are Hollywood celebrities that have shelled out $2,000 per month to train under Mari Winsor to use the Winsor Pilates method but it is now possible for the average person to achieve these incredible results without having to pay exorbitant fees and in less time as well.

More Than Four Million Videos Sold
There have been perhaps more than four million Winsor Pilates videos sold and it is one of the best selling fitness programs worldwide which help to transform the bodies of men and women alike. The key to the Winsor Pilates programs are Mari Winsor’s dynamic sequencing which are a special combination of controlled movements that help to shape as well as sculpt long and lean muscles.

Sculpt Your Body Slim™ with Winsor Pilates is a low intensity exercise that is conducive to burning up all those extra calories and this workout regime will also help a person shed unnecessary pounds as well as trim inches off the waistline.

Winsor Pilates is also for men who can workout everyday and it will help in strengthening the core as well as sculpt the muscular physique while providing the exerciser with added flexibility that will help in not sustaining injuries. The Winsor Pilates method has been used by some national professional sports teams such as basketball, baseball as well as in golf as it not only helps to train but to boost performance as well.

Eat Healthy

The second element of a fitness and nutrition program is eating smart. All of that hard work in the exercise realm won’t do you much good if you are still grabbing a fast food lunch most days of the week.

The United States Department of Agriculture has recently revised their food pyramid guide to help the general public make nutritious meal choices. The idea behind this updated pyramid is that you make good food choices every day from all of the major food groups, and that you support those healthy choices with physical exercise. To find out more information about the USDA food pyramid, you can go to

The most important factor to keep in mind when choosing a nutrition program is to allow the bulk of your diet to consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grain carbohydrates. Low-fat dairy and lean meats and poultry can round out much of your menu, with refined sugars and fats making up only a small portion of your daily food intake.

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