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Wichita Automotive Dealers

The Cyberguide to Wichita Business Directory brings you many Wichita Automotive dealers and supplies. With today's virtual dealerships, car buyers can shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a no-hassle environment.

The way we buy cars is changing!
With today's virtual dealerships, car buyers can shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a no-hassle environment. The amount of information available is staggering with photos, options, price configuration, and payment calculators. J.D. Power and Associates recently released the Autoshopper.com Study reporting that 25 percent of new-vehicle buyers use the Internet to find vehicle product and pricing information, and often know more about the vehicle they want to purchase than dealership salespeople.

Wichita Auto Dealers

Chevrolet Wichita Dealership

Dodge Wichita Dealership

Ford Wichita Dealership

Honda Wichita Dealership

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Wichita Used Car Dealers

  • Advantedge Quality Used Cars and Trucks - We have a full range of vehicles from all manufacturers. Buy here Pay here financing available.
  • Brandon Steven Motors
  • Cars of Wichita - Used Car dealership offering in-house financing, extended warrenties and friendly service
  • Classic Auto Registry Service - Your source for buying, selling, and locating classic automobiles
  • Credit Specialists Auto Group - Used Car Dealer, offering Buy Here Pay Here service for those with no credit and bad credit
  • newEasy Credit Auto Sales - Offering superior quality pre-owned vehicles to good people who might not have the ability to gain financing through traditional lenders.
  • Elite Auto Sales - Elite Auto Sales in a userd car dealership located in Augusta, Kansas. We are a quality used car dealer with a great selection.
  • Gorges Motor Company - Making Car Buying Fun! Quality used cars, trucks, vans, luxury vehicles & SUVs in Wichita, KS.
  • Haven Auto - Formally Haven Ford in Haven, Kansas. Used cars, trucks, vans, and suv's

Benefits of Hybrid Automobiles

Need for Hybrid Automobiles
The rising fuel costs and concerns regarding the environment made engineers think about more economic and safer alternatives. There are a number of benefits of hybrid automobiles. A hybrid car is an automobile that runs on gasoline and an electric motor. Hybrid automobiles saves on cost of fuel because they are fuel efficient and consume less fuel as compared to non hybrid automobiles.

The hybrid cars have a dual mode and the electric motor powered by batteries take over once the car is up to speed. The energy generated from braking and deceleration is used to charge the batteries. Thereby the hybrid cars are able to provide better fuel efficiency. Moreover, the engine of hybrid cars is shut off immediately when the car is stopped. The biggest advantage of hybrid cars is in reducing the environmental pollution because of reduced emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the atmosphere. Several automobile manufacturers like Toyota, Ford and Honda have already introduced hybrid automobiles in the market.

CarsDirect.comTypes of Hybrid Automobiles
There are two types of hybrid cars- series hybrid cars and parallel hybrid cars. A Series hybrid automobile has an electric motor run by batteries. It also has a gas engine but it does not power the vehicle on its own. The batteries are charged by a generator, which is powered by a gas engine. The electric motor remains on all the time and the gas engine can be put on and off when desired. Such hybrid automobiles provide better mileage in the cities.

A Parallel hybrid has a gas engine and batteries for electric motor. Both the gas engine and electric motor can be used to power the vehicle and turn the transmission. The electric motor is used to boost the power whenever required to increase the speed of the vehicle. Parallel hybrid cars are good for highway driving.

Unique Features of Hybrid Automobile
Hybrid automobiles have some unique features that provide many benefits. Lightweight materials used in the hybrid automobile save energy in propelling the car. Aerodynamic shape of the vehicle increases its energy efficiency. Tires of hybrid cars are made of stiffer material and filled with higher pressure. These help to provide better grip and reduce friction thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the automobile. Regenerative braking is used to transfer energy from the electric motor to the battery when brakes are applied.

In short, hybrid automobiles are the future of automobiles and you should consider a hybrid car to save money and discharge your responsibility towards providing a greener and cleaner environment.

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